In the previous issue, we reflected on some lessons from our times of rest. In this months issue we would like to share some more of the lessons gleaned from my mentor Jim Rohn during our times of rest and instruction.

-The major value in life is not what we get. The major value in life is what we become. That     is why I wish to pay fair price for every value. If I have to pay for it or earn it, that makes   something of me. If I get it for free, that makes nothing of me.
-All values must be won by contest, and after they have been won, they must be defended.
-Don't sell out your virtue and your value for something you think you want. The bible story   says, Judas got the money, but he threw it all away and hung himself because he was so   unhappy with himself.

Key Phrase: The greatest source of unhappiness is self unhappiness, its not from outside - the things that make us unhappy; the greatest, most devastating unhappiness is to be unhappy with ourselves.

Beware of what you become in pursuit of what you want
-The two great words of antiquity are behold and beware. Behold the possibilities   and beware the temptations.

-The story continues and says that Judas was so unhappy he tried to take the money back,   Pharisees said; to heck with you, you got what you wanted and we got what we wanted- out!   They threw him out with his money. Now he becomes so desperate he goes out and hangs   himself for what he did; he became a sell out - a traitor. If Judas could speak back to us in   any type of clear language, here's what he might say; beware of what you become in pursuit   of what you want, don't sell out - it's not worth it.
-Count the cost first. Don't pay too big a price for pursuing minor values.
-Values are costly, to exercise integrity in the times of choice is costly.
-If it doesn't cost much, we probably wouldn't appreciate the value.
We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to be involved in the 3 phases of the construction of the new Khotsong TB Hospital here in Matatiele.
-Phase 1- Rehabilitation and conversion of existing structures (paediatric ward, administration   block and ablution rooms); erecting of new security fencing and construction of new security   control.
-Phase 2- Bulk Earthworks, bulk services installation contract, including demolishing works to   condemned existing structures.
-Phase 3: The construction of main hospital buildings- Admin block A, Ward Blocks B,C,D,E,F,G and    staff housing Block H1-3.

Our contribution on this project: Project technical support - Monitoring and evaluation
1. Quality Control
2. Drawing co-ordination
3. Requests for information
4. Contract Instructions
5. Clerk of Works Report


And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul? .

―  The Son of man