Main image - Forefront, me (Luvuko) conversing with some new found friends from Palestine.

Once again myself and Buhle were out and about during the month of October painting the city of Durban red.Its been such a hectic month, with me being in-between Durban and Matatiele, that I've hardly had time to sit and reflect, let alone write. So again, our newsletter is a bit late, but I suppose its better to arrive almost a month later, than never. As you may be aware by now that all work and no play makes a very dull Architect ( or something like that). So in October we found ourselves at the Poetry Africa event, hosted at the University of KwaZulu Natal, where we had the unique opportunity of mingling with people from different walks of life. We also had the pleasure of meeting well known poets such as Lebo Mashile, Emmah Mabye , Rafeef Ziadah,Tanya Evanson, Malimela Mbali and Miriam Cano.

During the event we experienced some very creative and thought
provoking performances, which had the audience spellbound, oooohing and aaaahing. It was a great night of fun, but also some serious education on the issues faced by women in the world and also life in general.One of these spectacular performances was that of Rafeef Ziadah; she presented one poem titled Hadeel, which represents the controversial situation in Palestine and relates to the death of innocent children (termed collateral damage-a bit shocking). However, what intrigued me in this lady's performance was her theme; "We teach life". Not only was her presentation informative and thought provoking, but her theme got me thinking and quite a number of quotes that have been said by various writers and philosophers on the subject of life came to mind, such as;

You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life". Jesus

" where there is love, there is life" . Ghandi

"What is the meaning of life? To serve others and do good". Aristotle

Despite the many explanations by philosophers and theologians on life, human kind is still at loss as to the purpose of life. At IMIZEKELISO, we believe that our lives are made known to others by our deeds. We have no philosophical notion on life, except for that people will judge our lives by what we do. Our lives are intertwined with our beliefs and our identity (our being who or what we are) is manifest in our deeds.  
Top image - Left: Buhle Monakali, Centre: Lebo Mashile , Right: Luvuko Mqaqa
Bottom left image - Left: Luvuko Mqaqa, Centre: Emmah Mabye , Right: Buhle Monakali
Bottom right image - Left: Buhle Monakali, Centre: Malimela Mbali , Right: Luvuko Mqaqa

At IMIZEKELISO, our identity is intertwined with our work;
- Our Beliefs; give us a sense of direction through the many changes that occur in life.
- Our Practice; espouses lofty ideals - architecture is a calling and way of transmitting life.
- Our People;  leaders with a unique combination of professional will and humility.
- Our Discipline; to confront the brutal facts whatever they may be, but never lose faith.
- Our Thought; focusing solely on what we can potentially do better than any other firm.

Our Vision is to bring innovative building design solutions to all urban and suburban areas through expert use of digital based design resources.

Our Mission is to improve the standard of living for our customers by providing contemporary single family and multi-unit residential architecture.

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" For me, to live is Christ".

―  The Son of Man