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In our previous insert, we reflected on our experience at the Poetry Africa event, hosted at the University of KwaZulu Natal in October. It is during my reflection on this unique experience that I was left musing on the concept and meaning of life and how we struggle with this despite the many explanations perpetuated by various philosophers and theologians. Jim Rohn reckons; " life is not just the passing of time, life is a collection of experiences and their intensity." Well, I must agree that our move to Durban has been quite an exciting and intense experience, having come from a place of limited opportunities to a place of vast possibilities. We are steadily collecting a wealth of meaningful experiences.

Recently, I was invited to a networking event hosted at  The Greedy Bhuda Restaurant, Gateway Umhlanga, through a group named Third Wednesday. I'm always amazed at how certain people come into our lives at a certain point, and because of these people, our lives are made richer. Theo Wilcox is one of such people, a very humble individual who is always willing to lend an ear and hand, and I dare say is one of the entrepreneurs who is at the forefront of transformation in the built environment, not only in his career, but in terms of empowering emerging entrepreneurs such as myself. Thus, it is through Theo that I found myself being part of such a unique experience where I had the opportunity to meet various professionals in our industry operating in the KZN region and beyond.

It always leaves me awe struck and feeling fuzzy inside when I discover that there are still people who are willing to generously commit their resources for the benefit of others. I heard Leigh, founder of Leigh Bishop Architects together with Rowan Crowie, CEO of Enza Construction sponsored the Third Wednesday Networking event. Who can tell when good fortune knocks on their door, the unique opportunity of meeting and having a little chat with a diverse group of people; all passionate and leading in their spheres of influence. I did my best to try and get around to everyone without looking like I was eager to move on to the next, hopefully one gets a chance to meet everyone else at the next gathering. However, I had the privilege of personally meeting Leigh Bishop, Rukesh Raghubir, Andile Mnguni, Ines Mohun,Thandolwenkosi Mthembu and Yashmille Raghunundan.


Images above - Participants of Third Wednesday Networking Event, 21 November 2018

At IMIZEKELISO, our life is intertwined with our work;
- Our Beliefs; give us a sense of direction through the many changes that occur.
- Our Practice; espouses lofty ideals - architecture is a calling and way of transmitting life.
- Our People;  leaders with a unique combination of fierce resolve and humility.
- Our Discipline; to confront brutal facts whatever they may be, but never lose faith.
- Our Thought; focusing solely on what we can potentially do better than any other firm.

Our Vision is to bring innovative building design solutions to all urban and suburban areas through expert use of digital based design resources.

Our Mission is to improve the standard of living for our customers by providing contemporary single family and multi-unit residential architecture.

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" Welcome all experiences, you never know which one is going to turn everything on".

―  Jim Rohn