In the previous issue of IPPM Monthly Building Blocks, we reflected upon the importance of taking a break from one's ambition and what this meant in practical terms. In this months issue we would like to share some of the lessons gleaned from our times of rest. Many of the lessons come from our late mentor Jim Rohn, one of the most influential business philosophers of our time.

First things First
Key phrase: The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing!
1. What is most important in our work as a whole, what gives our work meaning?
- For us serving God  and our neighbour is central in our work; our success is not necessarily in how we do, but how we treat people.
2. What do we want to be and to do through our work,what kind of practicebusiness?
- To establish a place of work where virtuous leadership and a professional ethic thrive.
- We see ourselves as a socially responsible practice with a commitment to the local           community  and are finding ways to engage with them more actively, not only through     projects, but through educational tools and resources for building design and construction.
3.What kind of contribution do we want to make?
- Provide creative architecture and practical building solutions
- Provide efficient and effective project technical support systems
- Pursue quality rather than quantity of projects
- Provide mentorship to young professionals as leaders
- Pursue a networked model of operation, work collectively with emerging and established        businesses in our industry.

The Importance of a Guiding Philosophy
1.Don’t borrow somebody else’s plan/concept
-  What we believe will carry us not only into the next century, but eternity.
Key phrase: Philosophy (study of Wisdom) is the set of the sail; our own philosophy, our own plan, our own thinking, our own concept.
2.It’s not what happens that determines our future, it’s what we do about what happens. It’s       not the blowing of the wind that determines our destination, it’s the set of the sail.
- The same wind blows on us all; wind of disaster, wind of change, wind of opportunity-when      it’s favourable or unfavourable; the difference in arrival is the setting of the sail, not the        blowing of the wind. Learning is all about setting a better sail this year than last year.
- Set the sail of better thinking; correct the errors of the past, and pick up new disciplines for    the future.
3.Life is opportunity mixed with difficulty
- After expansion comes recession, then expansion again (not to think so is naïve)
- For things to change for us, we have to change.
- Don’t wish it was easier, wish we were better; don’t wish for less problems, wish for more     skills. Don’t wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom.We can’t grow without a   challenge, we can’t fly without gravity. We have to understand the challenge; the key is to develop the Wisdom that overcomes every challenge.

Look out for our next issue, whereby will be sharing with you more lessons from our times of rest...
We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to be involved in the construction of the new Afribuild hardware store here in Matatiele. In terms of scale and comparison to its counterparts; it is the first of its kind in our humble town. When I visited the store one week after its opening, one excited customer said, "Afribuild has brought Durban to Matat". I must say, the one thing I found to be noteworthy about the owner (Cassim Osman-image: bottom right) is his commitment to service to his customers and the town. In fact, not only has he added value to the fabric of the industrial area in the town, but during the project he even committed his own personal resources to relaying a brand new and larger sewer line in a large portion of West street, in order to ease the pressure on the existing dilapidated and overloaded infrastructure. Another advantage brought on by this building was the much needed upgrading of the storm water management on West street, where Afribuild is situated. Now that the street is nice and busy, perhaps we will see the resurfacing of the tar road also happening. We are proud to have been part of this project and wish Cassim all the best in their new store, As-Salaam-Alaikum.

Our contribution on this project: Project technical support - Monitoring and evaluation
1. Quality Control
2. Drawing co-ordination
3. Requests for information
4. Contract Instructions
5. Clerk of Works Report

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“Our Success is not in how we do, but in how we treat people”.

―  Luvuko Mqaqa